When preparing for the MD-101 exam, or any Microsoft exam, Microsoft Docs is a great source of information. It is […]
Adam the Automator sent me down the rabbit hole when he posted about adding voice to your Windows PowerShell scripts […]
WVD Spring 2020 Update
The Windows Virtual Desktop Spring 2020 update makes it possible to create and manage app groups with the Azure portal. […]
WVD Spring 2020 Update
Creating a host pool with the Azure portal is the first step in deploying Windows Virtual Desktop. A host pool […]
Create Azure Bastion Host
An Azure Bastion host provides secure RDP and SSH connections to your Azure VMs. You connect to your VMs directly […]
WVD Spring 2020 Update
In May, the Spring 2020 Update for Windows Virtual Desktop entered public preview. While WVD, like all Azure services, enjoy […]
ISE VSCode comparison
You have been putting off making the switch from PowerShell ISE to VSCode. Who has time to learn a new […]
How many times has this happened to you? You shoot a video on your phone, import it to your computer, […]
a step by step guide to windows virtual desktop
In Part 4, you created a host pool and session host VMs. You also added a user to the Desktop […]
a step by step guide to windows virtual desktop
In Part 2 of this series, you created a WVD tenant. in Part 3, you created a service principal and […]